2 of the 13 illustrations I did for LUMA-keskus Suomi's 
LUMA2020 project. August 2020.
15 level icons and 6 of the 18 card illustrations I designed for School Day application. August 2020.
Personal illustration June 2020.
Merchandise based on the design can be found on my society6 store.
The whole city of Helsinki as a learning environment. Published in Helsinki-lehti. August 2019.
4 of the 8 computer themed illustrations for Ohjelmointia matematiikan opetukseen -publication. February 2020.
Personal illustration January 2020.
3 of the 25 story illustrations for University of Helsinki. Autumn 2019.
Redesign of Playful Learning Center for University of Helsinki.
In collaboration with Antti Hintsa. Spring 2018.
Personal illustration January 2020.

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