April 2019

10 illustrations and a pattern design for online course that is part of Lumatikka -project. Target audience: Teachers from pre-school to high school. 


January 2019

An attempt to illustrate the concept of body memory or more so memories of touch stored in one's body. 

Frame / Kehys 2018

Three dimensional painting for Art Portrait events with Tuuli Rouhiainen.
We've photographed almost 1000 people in total posing as part of our 3d painting.
More info: www.allwallscollective.com

Illustrations Summer 2018

stone hamburger
stone ice cream

January 2019

30 illustrations for educative tales developed in Lumatikka-project. Target audience 2-6 year olds.

Layout, illustrations & photography Spring 2018
Unserious Space Adventures game from Unserious Oy
Target audience 9-year olds and up.

20 world illustrations

20 species illustrations

Revised style
& colour palette

Revised style
& colour palette

Various digitally built mock ups for marketing tests

Redesign of Playful Learning Center for University of Helsinki Spring 2018
In collaboration with Antti Hintsa

The designs of the room were based on Haltijan Kuiskaus educational material we did for pre-schools and primary schools with University of Helsinki in 2017.

The material has been downloaded over 25 000 times.
You can download it here.

Storyboard for a game idea from Unserious Oy in collaboration with Teppo Manninen

Illustrations for children's narrative material for Sulaton Oy.

Sound art and sound education materials for Sara Sintonen
illustrations and layouts 2016-2018

Ääni Taide Kasvatus - web page design, videos, photographs and illustrations

Äänitaidetta lasten kanssa pdf-publication (16 pages) layout and illustrations for Sara Sintonen

Herkkien korvien tehtäväkortit I & II, sound education related printables for teachers. (30 & 32 pages) with Sara Sintonen

Educational materials for LUPO EDU content designed in collaboration with Tomi Tolonen, Gerhard Molin and Jenna Kemilä.

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